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Youth Exchange

Here are some options to go on exchange with, it's a very fun experience, with the choice to go short term or long term.


Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary's program offers students aged 15-19 the chance to become global citizens through long-term (one academic year) and short-term exchanges. Participants develop leadership skills, learn new languages and cultures, and build international friendships.


Youth For Understanding

YFU provides intercultural exchange programs in over 70 countries, emphasizing full cultural immersion. They offer a range of scholarships and support for both students and host families, fostering global competencies and mutual respect.


World Education Program

WEP offers high school students opportunities to study abroad, emphasizing personal growth and cultural understanding. Programs vary in length and destination, providing immersive educational experiences in different cultures.


To read more about exchanges, check out our blog article by clicking "read more" below!!!

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