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Moovyouth at Vancouver City Hall: An Enlightening Learning Experience with Councillor Lenny Zhou!

This past Monday, March 18th, Moovyouth conducted their first event, and boy was it an experience. A group of 10 youths from all around the Greater Vancouver Area, led by Vancouver City Councillor Lenny Zhou, visited the city hall and learned about how the city worked, its role in our lives, and even had a Q&A period with Councillor Zhou.

The morning was filled with excitement, as the members of Moovyouth gathered on the steps of the renowned Vancouver City Hall, a place where the town’s future is discussed. For many of those present, this felt like a first experience into the heart of how municipal matters unfold, from where to how policies that shape their lives are debated and passed.

City Councillor Lenny Zhou was highly welcoming of the group, something that did not go unnoticed by a politician known for his cordiality and dedication to making youths more active in politics. This visit to Vancouver City Hall was an educational opportunity unlike any other, touching on realities that could not be learned in books or classes. By eye-viewing municipal matters in play, the Moovyouth team learned how vital it is for them to stand up and embrace their voice with both hands yet humbly.

In the day’s wake, they left City Hall doors with a feeling of empowerment and entitlement to a part of the vote. The youths became more committed to public service, more intrigued by public matters, and promised to be more vigilant and pursuable of what democracy requires of them and, in reality, all of us. This visit was just beyond the learning – it was that bridge that all forms of government need to engage the younger mind with, beyond a talk.

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